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Q: Can you sleep with gaze in your mouth?
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How do you sleep with gum in your mouth?

Put gum in your mouth and fall to sleep. Simple as that.

Were do worms sleep?

worms sleep in your mouth. The y climb in when you are sleeping and they sleep with you.

Do people who sleep with there mouth open get spiders in there mouth?

yes 7 on average for people who sleep with their mouth closed, they just eat more of them... :D

Wake up with dry mouth?

Close your mouth when you sleep

What has a mouth but no teeth and has a bed but dose not sleep?

A river has a mouth and a bed.

Is it possible to sleep with your mouth closed?

If you find yourself breathing through your mouth, close your mouth and try to consciously breathe through your nose. Elevate your head during sleep. Before you go to sleep, put an extra pillow below your head. Raising the height of your head while you sleep may help keep your mouth from opening.

What is an eye gaze?

An eye gaze is a gaze that involves an eye.

What means to gaze or look as if surprise?

It is gaze

Are mouth guards uncomfortable to sleep with?

Is it uncomfortable to sleep with your sister? That should answer your question.

Were do Mayans sleep?

The Mayan slept in your mouth

What is gaze adverb or adjective?

The word 'gaze' is a noun (gaze, gazes) and a verb(gaze, gazes, gazing, gazed). Examples:Noun: His gaze followed the plane until it was out of sight.Verb: All I could do was gaze in amazement at what he had accomplished.

How do you use gaze in asentence?

He averted his gaze from her beauty. They directed their gaze at the display of candy.