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Q: Can you sleep after getting hit in the jaw?
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How much money can you get if you sue for getting hit in the face and getting your jaw broke?

usually about 200$

In which diseases there is receding jaw line?

Sleep apnea

Why do you lose consciousness when hit in the jaw?

Becouse there is a nerve in the middle of your jaw that makes you lose conciouseness if ruptured

How can you make your jaw stop popping?

if your jaw is popping it maybe that your grinding your teeth, or just sleep on your left or right. So i would prefer a mouth gaurd, or see a dentist:)

What is an uppercut?

getting punched underneath the jaw

You hit your wife in your sleep because you were defending yourself in a dream How can you stop this?

Getting a new wife because obviously you do not like her very much. Or get a therapist/counselor.

Does z-quiet work with sleep apnea?

Well, for sleep apnea, yes it does. People snore due to different reasons - mainly jaw constrictions and nasal congestions. Sleep apnea usually has something to do with jaw blocking the nasal passage. Zquiet, being a mouthguard, lifts up your jaw, which is blocking the airway and causing the sleep apnea problem in the first place. So yes, it can be effective. Check the "Zquiet reviews" in related links below that I just added and you'll understand more about how it works and whether it's right for you. There are also limitations such as people with dentures can't use it, etc.

Where does a chipmunk sleep?

when there tree is finished getting redecorated

What increases your energy levels getting enough sleep reading for an hour each day getting your school work done early in the day?

getting enough sleep

How can you sleep when your head hurts?

Take a pill, give yourself a temple or jaw massage, put a warm washcloth over your head.

How do you switch on or off a mac with the mac remote?

you can not do that if you manually hit sleep you can hit a

What is the slang for go to sleep?

hit the hay, hit the sack, knock out, sack out.