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Q: Can you safely use super glue to reattach a crown?
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Can you reattach a toenail?

I suppose you could try super glue ... But realistically? No.

Will Super Glue reattach a lightweight piece of body trim?

Super glue may do it temporarily, but it's a better repair if you use epoxy.

How do you reattach a Beanie Baby tag?

You can either sew it, hot glue gun, or this super glue stuff called E6000

How to reattach swimming pool edging?

Well ya'll get some ah that there super glue and you done stick it on.

How do you permanently glue on a crown?

I have heard of many people using super glue for this, but I don't have personal experience.

Will super glue work to reattach a rear view camera?

Super glue is a good option for reattaching a rear view camera, but make sure that it is a good quality adhesive. There are twenty grades of USDA certified super glues.

How do you reattach rearview mirror to 98 prelude?

actually... all you have to do is go to your nearest auto part store and buy the kit to reattach the rearview mirror to the front window... its really easy or you can just super glue it back on

Is it safe to use a super glue on a small crack in your denture since you will be using cushion grip between the crack and the gums?

As long as the glue is dry before you put them back in. A few months ago, I had bitten my tongue and used super glue to hold the piece in place so it could reattach. No taste, sting or problem.

Is ELMER'S glue super glue?

NO super glue is not elmers

Is super glue safe to reattach a piece of carpet?

It's 'safe' but not very effective. -You'd be better off with a heavy bodied adhesive like PL300 or Liquid Nails.

Will loctite super glue fix a loose crown?

yes, i used it and it works, but you may have to us it again at a later date

How do you get super glue off diamonds in a wedding ring?

Either use acetone, which is the solvent for super glue, or just scrape it off because the diamond is harder than your knife.Another AnswerSince the metal can also be involved and your knife will gouge the metal, best practices dictate that you take your jewelery to a jeweler who can remove the super glue most safely from the entire piece.