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You can (and should) always return a car to its owner.

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Q: Can you return a defective car after 5 days to the owner?
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How many days in Texas to return a defective used car?

You cannot return it. There is no new or used car return law in any state including Texas. The Buyers Remorse or Cooling Off Period laws do not apply to the purchase of a vehicle.

How many days in California to return a defective car?

In California the car must of had two repair attempts that could cause death, four repair attempts that would not cause death, or 30 days where the car could not be used. The period in which you can return a new car is 18 months or 18,000 miles.

Do you have 30 days to return a car?

There are different laws based on if a car is new or used. In used cars, you need to get any return policy in writing. In new car sales, it also has to be spelled out although some states of lemon laws which allow of the return of defective new cars.

A car has been impound can the car be return to owner if a payment arrangement is made with parking tickets plan?

A car has been impounded , can the car be return to owner if a payment arrangement is made with parking authorities.

Can you return a car you bought 3 days ago to the dealer the financing has not gone through yet it is in the state of wv?

No the dealership is under no obligation to allow a consumer to return the car. Once the contract is signed the car has a new owner and belongs to the buyer.

You live in Georgia and brought a new car how long do you have to return it?

Once a contract has been entered for a new car in Georgia an owner cannot return the car. However, many dealerships will work with consumers and allow vehicles to be returned within a few days.

How many days do you have to return a car you purchased?

Three days.

If you return a car can you be forced to pay the balance of the car loan?

you only have 30 days to return for free

Is it unlawful to borrow a car for a couple hours and not return it after 24 hours and dont contact the owner of car?

The risk you run in this situation is that the owner will report the car stolen. The owner would be within their rights to assume the car was stolen and proceed as such.

What is the length of time a buyer has to return a defective car to the used car dealer?

No time. The buyers remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a new or used vehicle.

Does Utah have a 30 day used car warranty?

In Utah, there is a a 30 day used car warranty. This means a person can return a vehicle if it is deemed to be defective.

How long after a car sale can a private party buyer return the car?

After a car sale, a private party can return the car within thirty days. This return policy is dependent on the individual seller.