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Sure, you can request it, but they won't do it unless you are capable of doing the repairs yourself, and then they will give you the check AFTER the repairs are made.

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Q: Can you request the insurance company to write the check to you instead of the body shop?
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Can you request a check for damages from the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident and not get your car repaired after an auto accident?

It depends on if you have a lien placed on your vehicle (by you lender. If you own the car free and clear, you can take the insurance money and not repair the car, but if there is a lien on your vehicle more often than not the insurance company will make the check out to you and your bank.

How long can a insurance company request refunds?

If you received money that you were not entitled to and you deposited the insurance check into your bank account and the money was a payout from an insurance claim, the insurance company can swipe the money out of your account without your prior knowledge for up to 3 years. If you received money as a result of a criminal act, the statute of limitations for that crime would guide the insurance company's timeline.

Does signing an insurance check release the insurance company?


Why is a private pleasure boat insurance considered as a high risk insurance instead of as a consumer insurance in Spain?

Check out a Company Called UMU they have a Boat Insurance Basic page that answers some great questions about the the insurance policies.

What is the protocol to follow on receiving a request for an attending physician's statement from an insurance company on a patient who has applied for health insurance?

You will need to check with the HIPAA policy to see what is allowed. You may then be able to get the notification from the physician.

Can you receive money instead of repair on your car?

It depends on the insurance company and the laws surrounding your state. In most cases however, an insurance company will issue the check to the bodyshop instead. This is mostly to prevent fraud so you don't try to claim the same damage at a later date.

Will an insurance company send a check to you instead of the body shop?

The only way is if there is not a lien on the car. The reason being is to insure that the finance company is protected in case you decide not to have it repaired.

If your ipod has broken will your insurance company cover it?

It depends on the policy you have from your insurance company. You will need to check with them

Can you use the money from the insurance company to buy a new equipment instead of fixing it?

You are not obligated to spend your auto insurance settlement claim check on a particular kind of repair. In fact, after payout, the auto insurance company has no legal ability to control or restrict how you spend your settlement money.

How do you check life insurance status?

Phone your insurance company they will have all the information

How do you select an insurance company?

For, choosing a right Insurance policy company you must remember this steps. First of all checkout company's ratings, check for complaints against insurance company and seek assistance from insurance professionals.

How do you check your present status of Postal Life Insurance policy?

Call your state insurance commissioners for the insurance company's contact info and call the insurance company.