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Repairing a totaled carYou don't mention whether or not it's your own carrier or the carrier for another at-fault driver (i.e., a driver who struck your car and totaled it).

So, you've got several options:

If it's your insurance, you can certainly keep the car because it is, after all, your property. As a total loss, however, your carrier will remove the full coverage on the vehicle as it no longer has any value except salvage value. After you complete the repairs, your carrier may or may not agree to reinstate the full coverage on the vehicle. This is something you might want to ask them before proceeding.

If it's your carrier, and you have a lien through a bank or a dealership on the vehicle, the total loss can be handled in a couple of ways. One, your carrier might pay off your loan first, and then give you the remaining balance (or, if you owe more on your loan than what the car is worth, they might send all of the money just to the bank). If they do it this way, it's unlikely you'll have enough to complete the repairs. The second method involves your carrier issuing a check with both your name and the name of the bank on it. You'd then have to work with the bank on getting the repairs done (again, this is something you'd need to look into before you proceed, because the bank may refuse to endorse the check and insist that it be applied to the loan since the car is now considered a total loss). Either way, your carrier will still remove the full coverage on the car.

If it's another driver's insurance carrier, you always have the option of just retaining the salvage since, again, it's your property. Like your own carrier, the other insurance will remove a certain percentage of the settlement for the car's salvage value (since you're keeping it, they can do this because even a totaled car has some value). They will then issue you a check and you are free to do whatever you'd like with it. NOTE: Even if you're going through another carrier, if your own insurance is already aware that the car is a total loss, they will still remove the full coverage from the car. See #1 for your options.

You've probably noticed that I keep mentioning how the full coverage will be removed from your car since it's now considered a total loss. If you're working only through another driver's insurance, your carrier won't do this if they're not aware of the accident. But you still need to be very careful before you decide to keep a totaled vehicle and repair it. Why? Because most insurance companies have access to databases that flag vehicles deemed to be total losses. It's also possible that the state you live in requires you to have your car's title branded as "salvage" before you can receive payment for your damages.

So, even if you want to keep your totaled vehicle and get it repaired, be aware that you might be putting a lot of money into a car for which the value has been drastically reduced due to its total loss status. If, for instance, another driver hits you in the future and totals your car again, you might find that you're offered only half the regular value because of your car's status. Logically, this makes sense, given that the typical consumer is much less likely to buy your pre-totaled car when others are available. The total loss status decreases its market value substantially.

The repaired vehicle will always have a salvage-rebuilt title and will always be worth 40 to 60% less than an undamaged counterpart, so if you invest money in it and wreck it again, you have a real loss on our hands.

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Q: Can you repair your car if the insurance company declares it totaled?
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What makes a motorcycled totaled?

When a vehicle covered by insurance gets wrecked, the insurance company looks at how much it will cost to repair. If repairing the bike costs more than it is worth, then the insurance company declares it totaled and pays for a replacement.

How do you determine if vehicle is totaled when burned?

A vehicle is totaled if it cost too much to repair it. Usually, insurance companies determine whether or not a vehicle is totaled.

How do you know if you car is totaled?

You need to file a claim with your auto insurance carrier. The insurance adjuster will physically examine the vehicle's damage. If the estimated cost to repair all damages exceeds the total value of the car, then the insurance company will total the car. This means they will write you (or the lender) a check for the total value of the car before damages.Most of the above is true but a car is considered totaled when the repair costs exceed 50-75% (depending on the state you live in) of its actual cash value. If it is totaled you will sign the title over to the insurance company and they will take ownership of the car after they pay you.

Is the cost for Volvo repair more expensive than the car?

The cost for repair on a vehicle depends on what year it is and what shape it is in. If the damage to the vehicle costs more than the vehicle itself, it will be totaled by an insurance company.

How do you avoid your car being totaled by the at fault guys insurance company?

You can't really avoid it unless you can find a place that will repair the vehicle at the amount the insurance company says it is worse. They have standards to determine a total loss that must be met.

If an insurance company totals your car can you get a new car?

Totaled means that the cost to repair it is more than what its worth...they will most likely give you something below KBB ...

Does insurance help with buying a new vehicle if your car gets totaled?

Yes, they will help, but they won't buy you a new car. Once your car is deemed totaled, the insurance company will usually pay you the value of the car before the accident minus your deductible. You can either buy back the totaled car and repair it or use the money towards a new car.

Can a request be made to an accident repair shop to declare a car totaled?

Ultimately, the decision to declare a vehicle a total loss belongs to the insurance company. If the insurance company is unable to have one of their own adjusters look at the vehicle, they will usually hire an independent. The repair shop can write an estimate and take pictures, but the insurance company will decide (based on state law and their own policies) whether or not the vehicle is a total loss.

Can you force your insurance company to fix your motorcycle if they assess it as being totaled due to it being valued at 4500 and the repair costs being 3900?

Sorry but no you can't. The insurance company have the option of repairing it or totalling it. Since the value of the bike is more than the cost and they want to give you value of the bike, why not take it? And if you really want to repair the bike you can then buy the bike from the insurance, who now owns it, and then have it repaired.

When is your car totaled?

Your car is considered totaled when it would cost more to fix it than it is worth. when your insurance company says it is or it cost more to fix than it's worth == When the repair costs exceed 50-75% (depending on what state youre in) of the actual cash value of the car.

Can you make the insurance company fix your boat after declaring it a total loss?

If they have totaled the boat it is because they know that the cost of the repair will exceed the value of the boat. You may be able to find out how to salvage the boat afterwards, however.

What does the car insurance do after they totaled the car?

According to most auto insurance policies, the company will repair, replace, or pay the actual cash value of the vehicle insurance if you have the appropriate coverage. If the vehicle is deemed a total loss, which means that the cost to repair is close or over the actual cash value of the vehicle, the company will pay the value of the vehicle to your finance company or bank if it is financed, and will pay you any amount over the amount owed to the bank or finance company, if it is financed. At this point you have in effect, sold them the vehicle so they will take what is left of the car.