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if there is a mix up then yes

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Q: Can you register a car in your name if it belongs to someone else?
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Can you register a car in your name if your license is suspended?

You can register it but someone else has to drive it.

How can you register your car in someone else name in Georgia?

Simple answer is that YOU can't. If they consent to this, THEY have to register it in their name.

How do you unregister and register my ipod under somebody else name?

Connecting your iPod to iTunes and doing a factory reset will allow you to register it under someone elses name.

If someone would register their domain how would it help them?

If someone were to register their domain name it's basically equivalent to them branding their sitename. Thus, no one else can register that same site name while the other is already registered. It provides security.

In the state of new york can you register a vehicle when the title is in someone else's name?

In the state of New York, you can only register a vehicle when the title is in someone else's name if you have power of attorney for that person. If you are registering for a person in the military you must have the forms MV-454 and MV-456.

You bought a car from someone but never registered it and you want to sell it to someone else. Can they still get it registered?

Do you have the title of the car in your name? Is there a loan on the car? You will have to register it if your name is on the title!

Can someone purchase a vehicle then register that vehicle to someone else but continue to pay for the loan?

Yes, you can take out a loan for a vehicle for someone else and make the payments on it, but the only way you can put the vehicle in their name is if you have their permission.

What belongs to you but is used most often by everyone else?


Can you register a vehicle if the loan is in someone elses name?

If your name is on the title

If you pay the car payments but the car is in someone else's name can they take the car?

Legally, the car belongs to whoever's name is on the title and registration. If someone else is making payments for another person's car, they can't outright take it but could have a case in court for ownership, which could result in seizure.

Title is in your name can you insure vehicle and someone else register it in ny?

To give you a basic answer, the insurance company will only insure a vehicle if the listed owner is on the policy. Mark

Can you register your car in someone elses name if its under a loan?