Best Answer can kill yourself ... by accident. If you cut an artery.

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Q: Can you really hurt yourself or do any long damage by cutting yourself?
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What do you do if your arms are really sore and hurt from weightlifting?

Stop weightlifting, you are doing yourself damage.

Is it difficult to retrofit a handicap van?

For a trained professional, not really. That said, don't try to do it yourself, since you could hurt yourself or damage the equipment.

What is something you can use to make cutting yourself not hurt?

Please don't cut yourself.

Why is cutting yourself such a big deal?

Because in the long run it will hurt you majorly. You might try suicide.

What happens if you do not warm up?

you can hurt yourself really bad

Should you punch your wall?

No, you will damage the wall and then have to pay to fix it. Also you could damage yourself (broken bones hurt.. a lot)

If you hurt yourself because of a doctor's care do you have a case?

Yes, you can sue the doctor for the harm or damage he/she did to you.

How can i hurt yourself painfully more then cutting and burning?

Don't find more methods to harm yourself, just seek help from a therapist or talk to someone so you can fix the cause of your desire to harm yourself. Cutting or burning is not safe for you physically, emotionally, or mentally. Find help!

How much would you need to tan to really hurt yourself?

I think it depends on your skin tone and the amount of melanin you have... the lighter the skin, the easier you sunburn, the easier you hurt yourself.

Does dipping hurt?

no dipping really doesnt hurt it stings if you do it alot in a day cause youre cutting up your lips but other than that you dont feel a thing

Why do you always feel like cutting your wrists?

Well, It is nice. I was addicted to alcohol a while back but only when stress came in great waves that I couldn't handle. But eventually I couldn't handle the taste no more. As stress relieving as it was, I always puked after indulging. But Then I tried cutting myself. The first time I did it, it hurt in a way that made me say to never do it again. But then, I realized that it was a good feeling. So I did it again, and now the more I do it, the less it hurts, but the better it feels. In summery, Cutting yourself is like venting to some one when no one is there. It really doesn't hurt yourself long term, like alcohol, or drugs, and if your anger is so bad that you want to really hurt the person who hurt you, cutting yourself helps relieve that stress because its hurting somewhere else then your heart or mind. I don't hurt from friends and society, but instead my parents... mostly my mom. They are thoughtless and hurtful, and that's why I started. They don't understand me. It'd take a whole day to explain what they do. The sad thing is, I'm 15. But all the same, hope this helped!

Is it okay to wax a curb at a skate park?

no because you can hurt yourself really badly