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no. it will go up to your brain and give you herpes.

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Q: Can you put a paper clip in your mouth?
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What happens when you put paper clip into water?

no. because they are solid metal.

How did the paper clip effect society?

It made it easier to clip pieces of paper without having to put a stapler in the paper and making a whole in it.

What would happen when you attach a paper clip to your paper airplane?

put the paper clip at the front f the paper helps the airplane to fly!

Make Tech Deck trucks?

get a paper clip and beads and put a piece of tape on the clip(2). then put on the beads.

How do you make a homemade compass without bending the paper clip with two pencils and a paper clip?

Put the paper clip on the paper. Hold the two pencils with the two pencil points on either side of the paper clip. Hold one pencil still then move the other to form a circle.

Is a paper clip less dense than water?

Put it in water and see what happens?

How do you separate paper clips and sand?

u can put your hand and grad the paper clip.

Jeremy has a strong magnet He put a paper clip on his desk and held the magnet sixteen centimeters over the paper clip If the paper clip has a mass of 1 gram and the magnet exerts a force of 0.012?

12 m/s2

What word can be put in front of aeroplane bag clip and towel?


Who discover paper clip?

The paper clip was not discovered. It was invented.

What does a magnent do to a paper clip?

The paper clip clings to the the magnet

How can you make a retainer for your teeth?

First of all you start with some nik l nip wax bottles then run it under some hot water then shape it into you mouth and your done a clear retainer but remember to suck out all the juice frome it by removing the lid xxxx