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of course not.bleach has chemicals your not suppose to can die.bleach won't clean it.bleach cleans floors,white clothes,and stuff like that.

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Q: Can you put a drop of bleach in my water to clean it and then drink it?
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How do you clean a camelback backpack water system?

2 tablespoons of bleach in a gallon of water. Open the bladder and drop everything into the bucket of bleach water. Make sure the water touches everything. Fill the bladder, cap it, then squeeze the bleach water through the bite valve. Let it sit at least 30 minutes before rinsing it out.

Can you add a drop of Clorox in puppy's water?

Could you put a drop of Clorox bleach in your own drinking water? yes, it's technically possible. However, it should not be done. Bleach is poisonous. Cleaning a puppy's water bowl with bleach is acceptable, as long as the bleach evaporates (dries) before water is put in.

You really messed up you used full-strength bleach to clean ceramic floor Now they are very dull and you are still trying to remove the smell Any suggestions?

To make it clean: Try scrubbing it with a mixture containing; the bleach you used and a cup full of water. If that doesn't another bleach! To remove the smell: Add any liquid scented soap to water and put a drop of bleach in...just a drop!! Thoroughly scrub the mixture all over the floor, now you will have a sweet smelling floor!

How do you pass a ua for opiates?

poratable aqua can do the trick just drop for tabs in some water drink it up and ur clean :)

What surroundings does Australia have?

water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink. :-)

Can you give me some captions on save water?

drop drop everywhere but not single drop to drink!!

If you drink a gallon of water before you go drop are you pissing out water?


What is the maximum of Clorox you can drink to pass a drug test?

one drop of bleach in your urine sample will do but I don't think you are suppose to drink a cup of bleach .But plenty of water stop smoking pot and get your job. And if you have a few days pay the 60.00 bucks for detox for the smoke or herb shop.

What Chemicals to put in urine not the body to clean it for drug test?

it has been rumored that bleach will clean the urine if you put a drop or two on your finger and pee directly onto your finger

Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink is what kind of literatry device?


How does an hermit crab drink?

Hermit crabs dip their big claw in and drink drop of water on it.

Can I put a drop of bleach in the dogs water to deworm them?

No Think of it this way if you had worms would you put bleach in your own food or drink and hope that takes care of it or would you go to the doctor. Take the dog to the vet. Worms are something that needs to be addressed asap. The longer you wait the harder it is going to be to get rid of them.