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Q: Can you put Vaseline on blisters?
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How do you heal blisters on your hand?

You can apply surgical spirit after a day so the blister can have a little time to heal. Surgical spirit will toughen the skin to prevent you from getting more blisters. After put some Vaseline over the blister which will soothe it and stop it from further damage.

Is it safe to put vaseline on your vj?

Yes, it is safe; vaseline is a very mild agent.

What cream you put on tattoos?


Why shouldn't you put Vaseline on a Rubik's cube?

Vaseline will dissolve the plastics slowly. Also, Vaseline will just make the cube feel slimy and greasy.

Can you put vaseline on leather shoes?

yes Vaseline can be used to shine the shoe and you only need a little

What do you put on dry skin?

you could put Vaseline on it will moisturise your skin.

How do you deal with blisters when running a marathon?

Avoid them in the first place. There is a great new product called Body Wax that has the consistency of a melted candle; rub it all over your toes and arches and you will get no blisters. Vaseline, very liberally applied, works almost as well.

Is it true if you put Vaseline on your eyelash they will grow longer?


What can you do to make your face shiny?

Put on vaseline (petroleum jelly).

Do you put vaseline on burns?

NO. You shouldn't put vaseline on your burns - just ice. Putting lotion or vaseline will prevent it from healing - because putting lotions and vaseline is just like covering it up and keeping the heat in !

Can you put vaseline around a dog's eye?

you can lightly smooth Vaseline around the eye area, not in the eyes. Over the eyelid is all right

Can you put vaseline in your hair?

Yes, its meant to make your hair grow.