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The show has been on for thousands of episodes. More than the over 5000 that Wheel of Fortune has been on and the list would be over 10000 names. Are you sure you would not like the list sorted by how much they won and/or the date they were on. How about how many shows they were on.

The information is not available except for many of the shows from the Alex Trebek Jeopardy

The Jeopardy Archive will allow you to search for a contestants name and also have the names of the contestants for each episode in the archive. The link to it has been added under related links

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You can go to the Jeopardy Archive for the season 26 and create the list. The related link for the jeopardy archive has a listing of which contestant was in each game. Since season 26 started in September 2009 they will have more games than just 2010 games. The site has a complete record of most of the games from season 26 and also earlier seasons.

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Q: Can you provide a complete list of past Jeopardy contestants?
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