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Yes you plug a 240v appliance into 220v receptacle.

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Q: Can you plug 240v appliances into 220v socket?
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Can you plug a UK 240V appliance into a US 220V socket?

If an adaptor is used to make the plug fit the socket, the equipment will work. However appliances with a motor should not be used because the US operates on 60Hz instead of 50.

Can 230V appliance plug into a 230v outlet?

Yes, it can be and there is no problem at all Because most of the electrical appliances are made to work on 220v - 240v so it can also be plugged into a 240v outlet.

Can you plug your 220V electric piano into a 110V socket?


Can you plug 110-240V television to 220V?

If it is a dual voltage TV, yes.

Can you plug a 220V light bulb into a 240V base?

If it fits and the controlling ballast or electronics is compatible with the bulb type. The 240 volt socket rating is just and indicator of the maximum voltage that can be applied to the socket.

Can you plug a 240v heater into a 220v dryer plug?

You might have a problem as the dryer plug also carries a neutral with it. What type of plug is on the heater right now?

What plug socket and voltage does Iran have?

Round 2-pin; 220V AC

Can you plug in a 240v-50Hz 2.8kW oven into the mains socket or does it have to be hardwired into a spur?

Yes it can be plugged in with a 13A plug.

Can you safely plug Australian electrical appliances into a socket in Argentina?


What plug socket and voltage does South Africa have?

220v three prong (earth, live, neutral) ROUND pin plug

What current will a 100w electric fan motor draw when you plug it into a 240v wall socket?


What happens to your xbox 360 if you plug it into a 220v outlet?

In french "SALUT" By the way It is 240V 1☼ with a center tap @ 60 Hz in North America --------------------- NOT 220V --------------------- OK Salut

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