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You cannot get an AdventureQuest Worlds membership for free. If you encounter a player who claims to be able to upgrade your account for free you are probably being scammed.

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Q: Can you please have a AQW account for free?
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Does anyone have a free account aqw 2013?


Where can you get a free account in aqw?

Click the make a account button and you can make a character.

How do you get free member in aqw?

Guys i dont know how but listen ok listen i have a extra account in aqw if you want it i will show you but please dont hack it no changing of pass ok please user:cicilian folk password:123456 guess what it doesnt work i tried

Do you have to upgrade to chat in AQW?

no, u just have to verify your account which is free.

Any free lvl 20 aqw accont that you can have?

give me ur account

How do you ge t free member in aqw?

Trying to get a free membership will result in your account being banned.

Can you have an aqw account for free?

Username:mugged killer Password:123456789 note i am still working on it!

Aqw how to get free membership?

i know how to member hack dragon fable adventure quest and mechquest but i don't now any for Aq worlds and to member to this aq wordcan i have one account please

How do you get free aq worlds membership?

first get a battle on master account then you link your aqw account on it then earn or buy points and then you can be upgraded.

Aqw how do you get your account back if someone else has it?

Follow the instruction on the AQW account recovery page.

How do you get free members on AQW?

Create a Master Account. (Battleon Portal) Link belowMerge your AQW account to master account.Earn points via "Get Points" and then "Earn Points"After earning enough, buy membership from the Portal Battleon website.

Can anyone give you a free runescape account please?

You can go to and create an account for free.