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No, you can't play Nancy Drew on a mac book UNLESS you have leopard osx and you install apple boot camp which allows you to have windows. THEN you can play! Nancy Drew rocks!!

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Q: Can you play Nancy Drew on a mac book?
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Are Nancy drew computer games compatible on a mac computer?

The Nancy Drew games are only available for computers using the Windows operating system and are not compatible with Mac OS X.

Is there a way to play Nancy Drew PC games on a Mac desktop?

Yes and no. There is a program called CrossOver (available as a free trial from the related link below) that can run SOME Nancy Drew games. Others just do not work.

Do they make Nancy Drew games for mac computers?

just recently did they start making Nancy drew games for mac... the only one you can get (right now) is trail of the twister. soon secrets can kill will be available for it. :)

Can you play on mac book?

Macoroni and cheese?

Why can't I install some of my Nancy drew video games onto my Mac laptop?

maybe that computer game isn't for that type of computer. im pretty sure that a

Can a UK DVD play on a US mac book pro?


Can you play world of warcraft on a mac book air?

of course you can

Are there any mac compatible Nancy drew games?

Unfortunately, Her Interactive have not designed the games to be compatible to Mac but in the future this could be a possibility since Macs are becoming more popular. One way to get them to run is to install Mac Boot Camp, a programm which lets you run windows programs, but I wouldn't reccommend this.

Can you play computer games on mac book pro?

Yes of course

What PC can play GTAIV?

Mac-book & Windows Vista (pro) can play GTA IV.

Can a Mac Book Pro accept PC games?

ye syou can play mac os compatible games on it

Can you play icy tower on a mac book?

No,Sorry. I wanted it too! Me and my bff love it and we have mac books! Its really dumb!