Can you move without a head?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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no because you rock

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Q: Can you move without a head?
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What do you call animals that can move without head?

i dont even think an animal moves without a head if it was it was probally called "headless" lol! :)

Can a penguin live without a head?

No higher animal can live without a head. (Decapitated insects can sometimes move around for a considerable time, however, because their nervous systems are not as centralized.)

Are Jewish people allowed to move without a yarmulke on their head?

Orthodox Jews always wear a head-covering (kippay/yarmulkah, or a hat).

How should you move the horse from one place to another without riding it?

with a sturdy head collar or halter.

Can a 16-year-old female move out of her house in North Carolina and move to South Carolina if she has a roof over her head?

Not without parental consent or emancaption.

Why does your dog move her head when you move your head close to her?

Because it doesn't feel comfortable when you move your head close to their's.

Can you upgrade a vauxhall zafira stereo without changing the head unit?

not that i know of ,mostly you eill have to move the front

Will the tick still move without a head?

Yes, ive got 2 Ticks here in a bottle -both full and laying eggs. one with Head and one without a Head, guess what - the headless is still alife for over 10 days now and still laying eggs. I am gonna take some nice HD Macros and Videos for Youtube later.

What is zombies weakness?

Mouth or Head because they can't bite with out mouths or move without heads. WOW I answered my question.

Can a burrowing owl move its eyes up and down or left and right without moving its head?

No. An owls eyes are fixed in it's skull. The only way an owl can look around is by turning its head.

Why do you nod your head no and shake your head yes?

You move your head from right to left to say no and you move your head up and down to say yes.

What bird has feathers on its head that it can move?

A cockatiel has feathers on its head that it can move around.