Can you insure your car for any driver?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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You can insure the car if you list those drivers on the policy.

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Q: Can you insure your car for any driver?
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Can you insure a car in Texas with an Australian driver's license?

you can insure a car with no license

Can you insure your car on a revoked licence?

No. You must have a valid driver's license to insure your car.

Can you insure a car in Florida for any qualified international driver I want to have a car at my condo for general use?

yea i guess

Can you insure your car after you surrened your lisense?

Yes, but they will not insure YOU as the driver.Your car should allways be insured for Teft, fire Vandalisum.If you are going to have a friend or relitive drive it that driver will need to be the Driver on the policy.

How many people can own the same car?

You can insure up to four drivers on your policy. Any driver who is not specifically listed under the policy document, but insured under an 'any driver' agreement, is simply referred to as an 'unnamed driver'. If you wish to insure specific unnamed drivers, you can expect your premium to increase.

Do you insure the car or the person?

You insure a car for a person or persons, so that in the event of a accident with that car, insurance can be claimed only if a named driver on the insurance was driving at that time.

Can your parents buy and insure a car in their name and add you as a driver?

Yes they can. But they have to list you as a driver in order for you to be isured.

Do you need a drivers license to insure a car?

Yes, if you are planning to be the listed driver.

What companies offer discounts for lady driver car insurance?

Lady driver car insurance is offered by the companies Q4, AON Insure Ireland and Simply Insure Ireland. Similar service are offered by AXA Ireland and Geico.

How can you insure lamborghini?

Yes, you can pretty much insure any car if you can afford it.

Can I insure my daughter who is not living with me but is driving my car?

Not only can, but you should. The Insurance policy does not follow the driver, it follows the car.

Does having a license automatically insure you as a driver?

No,, You have to buy the auto insurance for your car or you have to make sure the owner of the car you are driving has the required insurance and that it will cover you as a driver as well.