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Q: Can you insure a home with a prior sinkhole claim?
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Can you get insurance on home that you are entering into a lease to own if you are on deed Owner had a claim and now it is hard for you to insure home?

Call 5 insurance companies. and ask them

If property is unoccupied could a claim be rejected?

Most insurance companies will not insure a vacant home. There are provisions depending on how ling you have been out of the home. Check your policy.

Can you Insure a home you don't own?

Insuring a Home You do not own.You can purchase a policy for a home you don't own but the legal owner must be listed as the Covered Person. Otherwise the Insurance Contract is invalid and no claim would be paid.

Can you insure cash you keep in your home?


Why are home inspections used prior to the selling of a house?

Home inspections are required to ensure safety and value both for the buyer and seller of a home. Inspections protect the seller from lawsuits and guarantees that both parties are aware of any issues that may exist prior to sale. Conversely inspections insure that buyers are protected from any preexisting conditions that may effect value and safety of a property.

Can homeowners insurance be cancelled because all sinkhole damages not repaired?

Yes, your homeowners insurance policy can be cancelled or non renewed if the insurer determines that your home or property has hazardous conditions. Especially if the homeowner has already collected on a claim and failed to make the necessary repairs.

Can you insure a Baldwin organ on your home insurance policy?

You can insure a Baldwin Organ if it holds value to your home in your home insurance policy. You have to make sure that the policy covers not only that, but other valuables within your home.

What was the role of the federal administration?

To insure home loans

Can you insure an unoccupied home?

Many people live in two homes throughout the year, such as those who have a summer home, for example. There are a wide variety of insurance companies that will insure the second home, even when it is unoccupied.

How long you have to wait after getting a home insurance to make a roof claim?

You make the claim as soon as possible within reason after the roof damage occurs. If your roof was already damaged prior to purchasing the policy. it will not cover pre-existing damage.

What was the role of the federal housing administration?

To insure home loans

Can you insure a home that you don't own?

If you rent it you can get renters INS