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I would insure any car that I was driving or making payments on. If you are on the title then you are an owner.

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Q: Can you insure a car that you are paying payments on until its paid for from a private owner who holds the title?
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Who holds title of a private party sale while still making payments?

The private seller holds the title until paid in full, he should transfer the title to private buyers name and place a lien on title then the title will be mailed back to the private seller and once vehicle is paid the seller signs off on the lien and mails the title to the buyer. A contract/bill of sale should be signed by both parties to the payment agreement established for the protection of both parties.

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Can a car be protected from creditors if it is in default and the title is transferred to someone else?

Your creditor most likely holds the car title and/or there is a lien on your title. So, you will be unable to transfer title without paying the lien. The easiest thing to do is to bring your payments up to date and then to sell the car if payments are too high for you to manage on a regular basis.

Can you insure a Baldwin organ on your home insurance policy?

You can insure a Baldwin Organ if it holds value to your home in your home insurance policy. You have to make sure that the policy covers not only that, but other valuables within your home.

Can your motorcycle be repossessed if you take it out of Arkansas because your job requires you to travel?

Yes they can. It doesn't matter if your job requires that you travel. Your contract with the motor cycle company or bank requires that you make monthly payments. If you are not holding your end of the bargain by paying your payments to them then they have the legal right to reposes it no matter where you are. The contract with you and the company that holds the lien on your motorcycle has nothing to do with your employer. This is between you and your lien holder.

When does your car get reposessed?

When you fail to make the car payments. Usually the bank or financial institute that holds the lien will give you fair warning for payment and then they will tow the car if no payments are made.

How do you have someone take over payments?

You and the person wanting to take over the payments, go in a sit down with the lender who holds the note, and talk about it. The lender must agree to this for it to happen.

Where do you send car payment?

I don't have a car payment. If I did I would send payments to who ever holds the title.

Who holds the title of a car when you are paying to American Honda Finanse Corporation?

Honda finance holds it until the loan is paid off. Then they release the title to the most recent owner

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How do you take over payments on a car loan?

Contact the bank or finance company that holds the note on this car. They can transfer the loan to you if you qualify.