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Depends on where you are, what company you're going with, and the terms of your plan. Ask your insurance company this.

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Q: Can you have two different drivers with different insurance companies on the same car?
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Can you have a car in double insurance coverage?

If you are covered by two different insurance companies at the same time.

What Pennsylvania car insurance policies are recommended for drivers with a DUI?

There are many different insurance companies in Pennsylvania. Try shopping around and make sure to ask what types of discounts you may qualify for, such as bundling several types of insurance from the same company.

What is the cheapest car insurance I can get for a bad driver in Florida?

Bad driving records make it a little more difficult to find cheap insurance. You may want to try a company that offers deals from several different insurance companies at the same time. It will be easier to compare you options that way. Look for companies that specialize in DUI's, new drivers and those drivers with accidents on their records.

Which insurance companies offer car insurance quotes for Michigan drivers?

Almost all the major car insurance companies offer car insurance quotes in Michigan. State Farm, Geico, American Family, Liberty Mutual and All State will offer car insurance quotes online for Michigan drivers. In addition, Michigan drivers can head to a car insurance website like and obtain a quote from all major companies at the same time and compare the options.

Can two people hold two life insurance poicies on the same person with different companies?

YES, you can have multiple insurance policies, from different companies or even from the same company. Each company has it's own rules of how much life insurance someone can get. You can get quotes from multiple companies and have life insurance policies issued simultaneously from different companies. You should work with an insurance agent that has access to multiple insurance companies and can advise you what requirements each company has, and the limits they are willing to issue for life insurance.

Can you insure different cars with different insurance companies?

Sure you can, although it may be cheaper to insure with the same company since most insurance companies offer multi car discounts.

Can you bill the health insurance at the same time as the auto insurance?

Try this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

What companies sell car colission reports to consumers and insurance companies?

There is a company who supplies information to insurance companies called CLUE. This company gives insurance companies information on losses paid by all insurance companies and what type and amount of the claim was paid. CLUE also supplies companies with a variety of information. It gives information like people who had auto insurance at the same address as you have and people who were listed on insurance policies of you in the past like other household members or drivers.

Save Money on Auto Insurance By Request a Car Insurance Quote Online?

Drivers who are searching for the lowest rates on auto insurance should consider generating a car insurance quote from multiple auto insurance companies online. Due to the competitive nature of the insurance industry, drivers who generate quotes for auto insurance online often find better deals on auto insurance online than contacting car insurance companies directly.Request a Car Insurance Quote Online For Greater SavingsDrivers who request a car insurance quote online save the most money on their car insurance. This is because drivers who generate quotes in this manner receive competitive quotes from multiple car insurance companies at the same time. By generating quotes from multiple auto insurance companies at the same time, drivers can save the greatest amount of money over time.Requesting a Car Insurance Quote Online is Fast and EasyMillions of people across the United States have discovered how easy it is to request a car insurance quote online. To generate a car insurance quote, drivers simply need to enter some basic information and their zip code to generate multiple quotes from different car insurance companies that offer insurance in their state.Insurance Companies That Offer Quotes Online Offer The Lowest RatesIt is a well-known fact that insurance companies that offer a car insurance quote online typically offer the lowest rates on car insurance. To stay competitive, insurance companies must offer drivers low rates to outbid the competition.Generate a Car Insurance Quote For Any Type of VehicleWhether you own a SUV, car, truck or any other type of vehicle, you will be able to generate a car insurance quote online in just a few minutes. By entering basic details about a vehicle and entering a city, state and zip code, drivers who own any type of vehicle can generate a car insurance quote anytime of the day or night.By taking the time to generate a car insurance quote online, drivers will be able to save thousands of dollars on auto insurance premiums over the years. Drivers that request a car insurance quote online force car insurance companies to compete for their business by offering the lowest auto insurance rates.

What happens when a car hits you and they have the same insurance as you?

It would be no difference than if the people involved in the accident had different insurance companies. The coverages are the same so there would be no difference.

Do all companies offer the same travel insurance?

All insurance companies will offer you the same basic travel insurance package. Compare the details at

How to Find Cheaper Auto Insurance in Alabama?

Car insurance costs a lot, so most drivers appreciate any chance they get to find cheaper auto insurance. Surprisingly, drivers can easily reduce the cost of their auto insurance by following a few simple tips.Combine PoliciesMany auto insurance companies offer substantial discounts for drivers who also buy house insurance, renters insurance, recreational vehicle insurance and other policies at the same time. When asking for a car insurance quote, drivers should also find out if their agent or company offers bundled discounts.Shop AnnuallyInsurance companies often provide cheaper car insurance rates to new customers. As drivers stay loyal to the same companies, those companies often hold premiums steady, even when drivers have a clean driving record. Drivers who make the effort to shop for a better price every year discover they can easily find cheaper rates.Drop CoverageLienholders usually require drivers to carry Collision and comprehensive coverage on vehicles. Drivers who pay off their cars can drop such expensive coverage. Most drivers take five or seven years to pay their car loans, meaning the value of their cars has bottomed out. In such cases, drivers can rarely justify collision and comprehensive coverage.Buy an Insurance-Friendly CarSome cars cost less to insure than other cars. Before shopping for a new or used car, drivers should research market trends to find out which models get the lowest rates. These cars may not be the coolest or the most attractive on dealer lots, but they could save buyers hundreds of dollars every year.Jettison Teenage DriversMost drivers know that insuring a teenage driver can cost more than a house payment. Parents who have teens who have moved away or gone to college can find cheaper insurance by explaining to insurers that the teen does not live at home. Parents can encourage teens who have cars while living away from home to buy their own car insurance.Comparison ShopDrivers can visit insurance companies online to get quotes, but they can also visit insurance comparison sites that offer multiple quotes from different companies at once. Sometimes, drivers can find even cheaper insurance by showing quotes from online sources to local insurance agents.