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As long as you're over the illness, it should be fine. You can contact your local blood donation center and ask what the specific requirements are.

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Q: Can you give blood if you've had MONO?
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When your on your cycle and your blood looks orange?

then youve got things wrong with you

What is mono absolute mean on blood test?

A mono auto blood test is a test that looks for auto immune diseases. These tests may vary in seeking out specific diseases.

How long does it take to get mono blood tests back?

I currently have Mono and my blood work results came in about a week after the testing.

Can your blood turn darker when you have mono?

No there is no reason for that.

How do they diagnose mono?

a simple blood test

Give two characteristics of each mono saccharides and polysaccharides?

Give two characteristics of each mono saccharides and polysaccharides.

Can you donate blood if you've had mono?

Yup, you can! If you type in your question on GOOGLE it will give you a deffinite more proof on the "Can I Donate If..." page. Hope it helps!

Can you get Mono?

Blood Transfusion, close contact, and kissing

Is Mono contagious?

Mono is an STD. It can be transfered by the obvous. But it is called the kissing disease and can be transfered by kissing, or by having blood get into your system, ie. blood from a cut getting into a cut you have

What is mono abs blood test?

Typically "Mono Abs" on a blood test is the absolute number of monocytes, one of the white blood cells. In contrast, a mono antibody test will typically be labeled something like EBV IgM or EBV IgG for Epstein Barr Virus antibodies.

How do kids get mono?

Yes, your children could get Mono if they have had a blood transfusion or close contact with a person who had Mono.

What do blood test abbreviations mean?

what is cbc mono percentage