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50 words synonyms.

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Q: Can you give 50 words with their antonyms and synonyms?
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Can you give me 30 examples of antonyms?

yes and no it depends ifyour dumb or smart

What are 50 examples of antonyms?

big - smallhot - coldbeautiful - uglylovely - nasty

What are 50 words to use other than saw?

Some are.. See look seen peered looked! Lol type this in on the Internet like synonyms for the word saw trust me you will find Ur answers I heart u!

10 words that begin with auto that has 50 letters?

There are no words with 50 letters.

Can you spell 50 words from Christmas tree?

50 words that can be made from 'Christmas Tree' are:aaceacheachierachiestacmeacreactactressaerieaimairahahemaimairamamissarcarcharearisearmarmiesarmrestarrestariseartartistasashashesashierashiestassertassetasterastiratateatheismathiestatticattirecamcamecarcarecareercaress

How do you spell 50 in words?

50 is written as fifty.

What are Synonyms of probability from likely to least likely?

certainty (no doubt), probability or likelihood (greater than 50% chance), possibility (greater than 0% but less than 50% chance)

How do you write a percent in to a fraction?

a percent is always out of 100. therefore, if you have 50% in a fraction it will be made as 50/100 (50 over 100) but.. 50/100 may also be simplified by dividing both the numerator ( the top number- 50) and the denominator (the bottom number - 100) by 50. this will give you 1/2 (one over 2 in other words, one half.

What is 50 in words?

The number 50 is written as fifty.

What are words that equal 50 using the alphabet code?

i cant give you a full list but heres a few yet lawn too (?) duet lens there you go

Is a mini saga must to have 50 words itself?

Must a mini-saga have 50 words? Well, by definition, a mini-saga IS a story written in exactly 50 words, no more no less! Janpha

Divide 80 by 4 and give your answer as a fraction of 50 What is the answer?