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Rotten nuts can make people sick.

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Q: Can you get sick from outdated walnuts?
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Can you get sick eating outdated walnuts?


Can outdated cans of soup make you sick?


Can hamsters get sick if you give them walnuts?

No, unless it a very dirty walnut.

Can you get sick from eating a worm or larvae in walnuts?

Possibly, depending upon what the worm or larva is. It's more likely that you wouldn't get sick, but I would recommend removing the worm from the walnuts before eating any of them. Also, if you could cook the walnuts (such as roasting or heating them) before eating them, that would also make them safer.

Can you get sick from eating expired shelled walnuts?

Possibly, depending upon how the walnuts were stored and how expired they are. The big concerns would be post-processing contamination with bacteria or mold outgrowth.

Can you get sick using outdated crisco with baking?

yes. for that matter you can get sick using fresh shortening. use butter.

What is a another name for walnuts that cut in haft?

Walnuts are walnuts. They are whole, pieces, or halves but still walnuts.

Can outdated yogurt make you sick?

yes terribley i would wait and see if you can take some upset stomach medicine or something.

Which animal eat nut?

1 animal is a hamster . it can eat walnuts , peanuts , etc . P.S: no salt they will get sick !

Will walnuts make a dog vomit?

Yes. Their biggest risk is that they can block the digestive system, requiring surgery to fix, but can also be toxic to some dogs and even cause neurological damage. It can also give them cavities. Also, if the dog is small, it can be extremely harmful, often making the dog very sick. Small dogs could choke or suffocate, and the large nut could griend their teeth and make them more likely to fall out. Peanuts are also bad for dogs, if not in very small amounts.

Can you preserve walnuts?

Yes, walnuts can be pickled in vinegar

Can moles crack black walnuts?

no they can not crack walnuts