Can you get pregnant at age 45?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, you can. Some women don't experience menopause until after the age of 50.
Yes many women can get pregnant at that age.

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Q: Can you get pregnant at age 45?
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Can you become pregnant at the age of 45?

yes, as long as you havent gone through metapause

What is lower birth quota in Indian railways and who can use this facalities?

senior citizens,women above 45 years of age travelling alone & pregnant women can avail lower berth quota.

How easy is it for a 40 year old women to get pregnant?

A 20 year old women has a chance of getting pregnant in the high 80's - close to 90%. By age 40 that falls to about 40%. - so about half the chances of a 20 year old. By age 45 it is about 5%.

Is valbazin can be used for pregnant cow?

Valbazin cannot be used on pregnant cows that are in their first 45 days of pregnancy, nor can it be used on breeding dairy females. If you have pregnant cows that are at least 45 days pregnant, yes, you can use it on your pregnant cows.

Can u get pregnant at the age 12?

A girl can get pregnant at the age of 12. If a girl has went through puberty they can get pregnant.

What is the youngest age a filly can get pregnant?

The youngest age for a girl to get pregnant is 14 but it's safe to get pregnant only after the age of 18. not really ! well basically a girl can get pregnant from the age of 10! coz that when periods start!

Can you still get pregnant at age 39?

yes, you can. As long as you still have your period. Usually, the ending time of being able to have a baby is between 45-50 or so.

What age do most teen girls get pregnant?

most teenagers get pregnant at age 15

What is the ideal age for a pig to get pregnant?

They are able to get pregnant at over 6 months of age.

What is Sandra rinomato's age?

Age 45

What is the pros for how old is old to become pregnant?

There is no single perfect age for getting pregnant. The best time to get pregnant is when the mother is healthy and the parents are ready for an addition to the family. That being said there are some guidlines concerning age. A women's fertility typically peaks around age 25 then begins to decline at age 30. The risk for having birthing difficulties and defects increases after a women turns 35. Chances of having a child with a cogenital disease increases even more after age 45.

What is the exact age of sharukh khan?

his age is 45