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If you haven't gotten your period in over a year, you need to see a doctor. your body is very unhealthy and when your body is unhealthy and is not giving out eggs you can't get pregnant

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Q: Can you get preagnet if you haven't gotten your period for over a year?
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If you havent gotten your period in over 6 months and im constipated all the time What is going on?

your hormones may be changing....How old are you? Has it happend before

Is it bad if you havent got your period for over a year but has gotten it before?

same thing happened too me :) but i asked my mom if it was normal and she said yes . i had my first period for a day and it wasnt even THATT bad . so it was a light flow .

Is it normal that you have not had your period for over 4 months?

Because ovulating is a sign that you're about to start your period. I'm 13, I ovulate and I haven't gotten my period. Don't worry, it'll come soon. :D

How landform vary or change over a period of time?

I havent got a clue what the answer is i need the answer help !!!!

What if your period has been delayed over a month?

Go to your doctor and tell them that you're worried that you havent had your period yet and it's been a month.

You havent came on your period for over a week and you did a pregnancy test yesterday but im not pregnant so why havent you came on?

Stress, change of life styles, it could be a many of things.

What should you do if you got your period on the 22nd and you got your birth control shot on the 26th but you still haven't stopped your period?

i was on my period when i got my shot and it lasted for over 14 days. After it ended i havent had another period for over a year now.

What does it mean when your period is late and it hurts passin urine?

well if your over 17 it is late i havent had mine want a

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you should tell him or her that you love him or her because if you do that maybe he or she have a secret crush on you to, but if you don't he or she might have a crush on I've been there...=)

Can you be 21 to get your period for the first time?

Usually a period happens between the ages of 12 and 15 but it might be a possibility. But I do not think its likely since puberty is over If you have not gotten your period by the time you are 17-18yo you should see a doctor.

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Can you get your sim 2 deluxe teen get preagnet?

No they can not in the normal game, but there are downloads all over the internet that will modify the game so teens can have sex and get pregnant. Google it!