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Q: Can you get insurance if you are 17 and have only a learners permit?
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At what age do you get your learners permit in Jamaica?


In the state of Victoria How many passengers can learners permit drivers have?

In Victoria a driver with a learners permit can carry only one passenger between the ages of 17 to 21. You can carry more passengers outside of these ages.

How much is replacement fee for learners permit?

around $17 in Australia

How old do you have to be to get your driver's license in Virginia?

16 but you must have your learners permit

Can you get your learners permit at 15 in Texas?

yes that's the age you are supposed to get your permit

What will happen to you if you are 17 and have a learners permit and drive alone?

well in florida if u drive alone with a learners permit you will have ur drivers license suspended for up to six don't do it

If you are 17 years old and you have had your learners permit for 11 months can you drive from school to work?

not till you git your drivers license you cant do it with your permit.

What is the legal age to ride a motorbike in WA in Australia?

17 years and nine months for a learners permit in Victoria

What is the legal age for a motorcycle license in Maryland?

I think that the legal limit is 17. But u get a learners permit at 16.

How many lessons are needed for a learners permit?

When I got my permit I took a drivers Ed class that was provided at my school. Then when I was through with that I went to the DMV and took the computerized test. When I finally passed that my 2nd time they gave me my learners Permit.

Are they going to raise the driving age in Florida?

Yes, children born during and after 1995 get their learners permit at 17 and drive at 18.

Can your fourteen year old daughter get her permit?

Nope ... most all states require the youth to have attained the age of 16 or 17 before being allowed to obtain their learners permit.