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Of course. It's a crime

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Q: Can you get caught for hit and run the day after?
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Hit and run and you have no insurance?

If you ran then you need no insurance. If you got hit and the other guy got caught...sue him.

If you hit a your neighbor's mailbox and fail to report for a day is that a hit and run?

Yes. It is only not hit and run if you report it immediately.

Name 3 ways of getting out at cricket?

bowled, caught, lbw, hit wicket, run out

Why was the hit-and -run technique of guerrilla warfare successful against the british?

It caught the British off-guard

Why was the hit and run technique guerrilla warfare successful against the British?

It caught the British off-guard

What can you do if you have liability insurance and the car that hit you has not been found?

If all you have is liability, you will have to pay for your repairs yourself. If the hit & run driver is caught, you will probably have to sue to get reimbursed.

How many runs are scored from a free hit if the players complete 2 runs but the ball is then caught?

only 2 runs because in free hit a batsman facing the ball can't be caught out but he can run out in free hit ball. So if players have completed 2 runs before the ball was caught then only 2 runs they will get.

How many outs are there in icc cricket?

the type of ways of getting out are bowled caught hit wicket run out obstructing the field

What is the right technique for batting in rounders?

Hit the ball as far as you can without being caught and then run

What day did Roger Maris hit his 61st home run?

Roger Maris hit his 61st home run of the season on Sunday, October 1, 1961.

Can you give a sentence using the word home run in it?

My coach was quite surprised to see me hit a home run that day.

Why was the hit-and-run technique of gurrilla warfare successful against the British?

Because it caught the British of guard in the Southern States, where the Americans were most powerful.