Can you get auto insurance with a permit?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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Yes you can get Auto Insurance with a permit. All drivers are required by law to carry financial responsibilty regardless of your license status.

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Q: Can you get auto insurance with a permit?
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Can a person get insurance on International driving permit?

Yes, you can buy auto insurance with an international driving permit.

Do you need auto insurance if you have your learner's permit in Vermont?

i don't think so

Can I get auto insurance at State Farm with a permit and temporary or paper license?


Can you get your own car insurance at 18?

Yes, all you need is your drivers licence or permit in order to get an auto insurance.

Do you need insurance for a learners permit in tn?

I hope not for my sake, but it's always best to check with your auto insurance provider.

In the state of Georgia does a person with just a learners permit have to have auto insurance?

no. because as long as the parents has insurance they are fine. And this is only if the parent adds them on their insurance.

Can a seventeen year old get auto insurance?

Yes, as long as you have a valid driver's license (NOT permit).

What happens if I get in an accident and only have your permit?

If you are in your parents vehicle and you are on their auto insurance policy, you would be covered.

If someone is living in your house and they get a drivers permit does your auto insurance go up?

Only if you go to your insurance provider and include them in your policy

Can you get auto insurance with a learners permit in Texas?

It is best to wait til you have your drivers license, I would check with your agent but you should be covered with the learners permit.

Does a 16 yr old need auto insurance with a permit?

They must have some sort of insurance coverage, whether their own policy or on someone else's.

Can you get auto insurance with a learners permit in Va?

Auto Insurance Required for Learners PermitYes, all drivers are required to carry financial responsibility. A Driver's or Learner's "Permit" is permission to drive and therefore a temporary license with certain restrictions.When you are diving on a Learner's Permit, be sure to observe all the rules and restrictions of your permit. You can obtain your own insurance or you or you may be eligible for coverage under your parents or another existing auto policy but you must have coverage.A Driver's Permit comes with all the same responsibilities of anyone who operates a motor vehicle on public roads, including our financial responsibility.