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not legally, if they find out your address is wrong the insurance company can deny a claim

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Q: Can you get auto insurance in NJ if you live in ny?
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If i live in NY can i buy auto insurance in Hawaii?

No you can not. You have to buy insiurance in the ste you live in.

Do you file for unemployment insurance in NJ or ny if you live in NJ but had worked in nyc for the past 18 months?

I worked in NY for 6 months. I live in New Jersey. I was told by NJ Unemployment when I tried to claim benefits that I would have to claim my unemployment benefits in the State of NY.

How can I get cheap auto insurance in NY?

For cheap auto insurance in New York I would suggest trying Progressive auto insurance.

Where can I find good and low auto insurance in NY?

You can go to to search for car insurance in the NY region.

"Where can I find good low cost auto insurance in NY?

You will find great auto insurance rates at

Where can someone purchase auto insurance in Middletown NY?

Middletown, New York auto insurance companies include Met Life, Hutchings, Middletown, NY Auto Insurance, John D. Pagan AllState agent, and Progressive Middletown.

Will a speeding ticket in New Jersey affect your insurance in NY if you are a NY licensed driver?

New York does not post NJ tickets to your record. However, NJ can suspend your right to drvie in NJ if you get enough tickets in their state or NY will suspend your license for non-payment in NJ.

Where is my income taxable if the company is in ny but I work partly in NJ?

The general rule is that you income is taxable in BOTH the state where you work and the state where you live. Some states have reciprocal agreements, but NY and NJ do not. But NY has its dreaded telecommuter tax. If your employer requires you to work in NJ, the income you earned in NJ would not be taxable in NY (unless you live in NY). If your employer gave you the option of where to work, for example if they let you telecommute from your home in NJ, NY still considers the income to be taxable by NY. NJ would consider any income earned while working in NJ to be taxable in NJ and all income earned by a NJ resident, no matter where, to be taxable in NJ. Yes, it is possible for the same income to be taxable in two different states. If you live in NY or NJ, the state where you live will give you some credit for the taxes paid to another state to offset some of the double taxation. But if you live in a third state, you could be really screwed if you have income taxable by both NY and NJ, since your state would not let the credit they give you exceed the amount charged by that state.

Where does Debbie Harry live?

lincroft nj

Where can I find good auto insurance quotes for ny?

The best quotes for insrance in NY can be found at

Where did Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis live in NJ?

1040 park avenue was in NY.

If you got a ticket in NJ but have a NY license and an entry is not made on your NY record can your insurance premium still go up?

Yes I am sure of it. I got a ticket in NY and lived in NJ at the time. My insurance premium went up.Sorry!Did you have an NJ license.I know NJ issues 2 points for out-of-state tickets while states like NY/PA do not issue points on out-of-state speeding tickets.If you have a NYS license and get a ticket in NJ, neither the conviction nor the points will be reported on your NYS driving record. I think the first person to this question was either confused or didn't read the question properly.QuestionHow about if i have a NJ license and receive a ticket in NY?