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Generally you can not get insurance to drive a car when your license is revoked. You can however insure the car against theft and vandalism etc.

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Q: Can you get an insurance when your license is revoke?
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Can you get insurance license when your real estate license is revoke?

depends what race you are. if you are white yes you can if you are black no you can not

If you had out of state insurance could a judge revoke your license for a year for driving a vehile with no insurance?

Rules are different in each state. If the judge did it than the answer is yes.

Does the state have the authority to revoke a physician's license?

Yes, they have the right to revoke his license to practice in that state.

How do you you use revoke in a sentence?

I am going to revoke your license if you get another DWI. Your license has been revoked. Are you revoking my license? Revoke; to take away.

Will a traffic ticket revoke your CDL license?

NO...a traffic ticket WILL NOT revoke your cdl license

Can an Minor in Possession conviction revoke your driver's license?

It won't revoke your license, but in Iowa you can get your license suspended for multiple MIP's. My brother had 2 MIP's and lost his license for 6 months.

Can a creditor revoke your Commercial Drivers License?


Can your parents revoke your license at seventeen?

Take away and revoke are not synonymous in this scenario. I am not aware of a state that a parent can revoke a government issued document but I could be wrong. The state can revoke your license of course under certain penalties but I have never heard of a parent being able to revoke a license. Granted, a parent holds greater rights over a child than the government so theoretically your parents could take away your license among other things but not revoke. I hope that makes sense.

Can your license be revoke for driving someones elses car who did not have insurance no accident?

Let me state that the person owning the car did not have insurance on their car. a licensed driver borrowed car to run to town, and pulled over due to they ran the tags and tickets outstanding to the owner. They suspended the drivers license and not the owner of the car who did not have the insurance. The owner never even recieved a ticket for no insurance.

Can va revoke a OUTER states driven license?

No, the VA cannot revoke an out-of-state driver's license. Each state has control over the driving privileges of its residents, and only the state that issued the license has the authority to revoke or suspend it. However, if a person becomes a resident of VA, they will need to apply for a VA driver's license within a certain timeframe, typically 30-90 days, depending on the state's laws.

Can a parent revoke a child's drivers license in South Carolina?


Is plus points on your license good or bad?

bad because if u get enough they will revoke your license