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No you cant

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Q: Can you gargle hydrogen peroxide
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Is it safe to brush teeth with peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is most commonly used as a gargle agent rather than a toothpaste.

Hydrogen peroxide mouth wash?

Is completely safe and is commonly used as a gargle agent.

Is swallowing hydrogen peroxide safe?

Hydrogen peroxide can be diluted with water and used as a gargle but should never be swallowed. In the event you do swallow concentrated hydrogen peroxide, drink water and DO NOTattempt to vomit. Contact your physician should you begin to feel ill.

How do you remove a piece of popcorn husk stuck in throat?

how to get popcorn husk out of throught GARGLE WITH H202. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE SOLUTION

What are the effects if you accidentally drink too much hydrogen peroxide?

You die. Don't drink hydrogen peroxide. It's bad for you.

What are two uses for hydrogen peroxide?

There are lots of uses for that little brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide. It is cheap, widely available and safe to use for the environment.From washing cloths, to brushing your teeth, gargle like mouthwash, for ear infection the list goes on and onSome alternative therapies suggest to drink little dose of hydrogen peroxide as a source of oxygennote that ONLY food grade hydrogen peroxide is considered safe to use internally.

Can hydrogen peroxide make you vomit?

Yes. I just tried to gargle with it to get rid of a bacterial infection, and it triggered an automatic vomit response when it hit the back of my throat.

How can you get rid of a toothache?

Try dabbing on oil of cloves, or gargle with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Take an over the counter pain med you are not allergic to and see dentist if it persists.

Is Hydrogen peroxide teething whitening?

Hydrogen peroxide is a teeth whitener, google "hydrogen peroxide teeth."

What is the difference in hydrogen and hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen is an element.Hydrogen peroxide is a compound.

What are the chemical properties of hydrogen peroxide?


Is hydrogen peroxide a reactant?

I think Hydrogen Peroxide is a reactant,because hydrogen and oxygen are reactants so hydrogen peroxide should be a reactant.