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If it caused a fire that damaged your home or property then yes you can file a claim. This type of damage would be covered under the fire portion of your policy.

If you are saying that it just blew up and does not work anymore or it caused damages below your deducible. then that's just a maintenance issue. Appliances do have a life expectancy, It's just time for a new stove.

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The answer depends upon the type of HO policy that you have. That is, insurers issue many types of them, from "dwelling policies to those that are essentially "all risk" policies, The latter are far more inclusive as to the kind of risks that are covered, hence the name. Likewise, whether the insurer will cover the claim will depend upon issues such as whether you, by neglect or otherwise, caused the explosion to occur (for example, improper maintenance). All of that said, you can file a claim and see what happens. If the claim is denied the insurer will state a reason and you can decide on further action at that point.

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You can file a claim. Depending on your coverage, it may cover any damage to the home, but not cover the gas stove.

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Q: Can you file a home owners insurance claim if your gas stove top blows up?
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The stove would be covered just as any other part of the home and contents are covered. Make sure you tell the agent and insurance company about the stove and they want to inspect it to make sure it is installed correctly and is not a hazard.

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