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no its not possible because if you do so then the water and food will do to your nose and you will have to vomit.

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Q: Can you eat or drink standing on your head?
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What does a peristaltic do?

it kills you if you drink water standing on your head

Can people eat and drink standing ontheor head?

camales yes you have to rip there head off then squize the juice out and lick the brain then much on the brains /camel man note :)

Is the rooster attacking with his head or feet?

feet it uses its head to eat and drink

How does a cow swallow with its head lower than its stomachs?

A grazing cow eating grass is going to have its head below its stomach. Same as a human standing on their head is still able to eat and drink. Peristalsis of the esophagus (muscles in the throat that create a 'wave') is what helps the swallowing process.

Why does a cockroach die after living a week without its head?

It can't drink, or even eat without its head with it.

Can people die of standing still a long time?

It depends if they eat or drink but eventually they would get tired and collapse on the floor.

Is it possible to drink a glass of water on your head?

Yes. people wear those hats with the straws to games. If you mean standing on your head-yes but it would be difficult & messy. It would work standing on your head if you pushed it down your throat because then peristalsis would kick in and move the water down to your stomach.

Why does a cat have a head?

So it can eat its food and drink water and so its brain can control its body.

Elocution topic on -festivals binding the nation together?

i want to eat your head and drink your blood

What does a horse sleep on and how much is it?

They sleep standing up. They can be kept in a barn at night with hay to eat and water to drink and will sleep standing up in their stall. they sleep standing up on the ground, in a paddock or barn, free of charge unless your agisting

Can you eat while standing on your head?

Yes. The throat muscles pull food toward the stomach regardless of which way you are positioned.

What does estario parado en mi ay-ay-ay mean in English?

it means "I am standing on my head"