Can you drink visine

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Some eye drops contain only sterile saline solution, which is not harmful if ingested. However, other eye drops can be hazardous if they are consumed. Ingesting eye drops that contain tetrahydrozoline can potentially be fatal, particularly to small children. "The active ingredient in Visine eye drops is Tetrahydrozoline HCl 0.05%. Swallowing this substance can result in a number of nasty effects, including: Lowering body temperature to dangerous levels Making breathing difficult, or even halting it entirely Blurring vision Causing nausea and vomiting Elevating and then dropping blood pressure Causing seizures or tremors Sending the ingester into a coma Pfizer's cautions to users of Visine include, 'If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.' In view of the above list, that advice should not be taken lightly." Snopes Urban Legends Reference Pages "A grocery chain has settled a lawsuit filed by a regular customer who said he was served a wheatgrass smoothie spiked with eye medication as a prank. Rudy Trabanino accused an employee of Whole Foods Market, an Austin-based seller of natural foods, of using a bottle of Visine to spike the smoothie. Trabanino said he became violently ill and was hospitalized for several days with acute pain and a variety of serious medical problems... William Brown, an attorney who represented Trabanino, said the poisoning could have been fatal for his client, who still suffers from headaches and other maladies." Texas News: Lawsuit over spiked smoothie settled "Visine eye drops with tetrahydrozoline is a commonly used medicine that does not have a child-resistant cap and can be deadly to small children if swallowed." Cleveland Clinic: Household Chemicals "The estimated fatal dose of tetrahydrozoline for children up to 2 years of age is 5 mg intranasally (Handbook of Poisoning, 12th Edition, 1987)... Each one fluid ounce bottle of Visine Eye Drops contains approximately 15 mg of tetrahydrozoline HCl." Grand Rapids Community College: Material Safety Data Sheet's%20Chemist%20Pain%20Relief%20Ointment.pdf Ingredients found in prescription eye drops can also be dangerous if ingested. Eyedrops containing cyclopentolate have been implicated in several deaths in Mexico: "Half a dozen Mexico City prostitutes have been arrested for using eye drops containing a sleep-inducing drug to knock out and rob their clients, leaving at least five men dead, it has been reported. One district in the centre of the Mexican capital has recorded 17 cases this year of men being drugged with cyclopentolate - a muscle relaxant used in eye examinations to dilate the pupil and blur vision - and then robbed... Mixing eye drops - which are not meant to be swallowed - with alcohol can create a fatal mixture for someone with heart problems, medical experts say." Sydney Morning Herald: Robbed blind with eye drops

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Q: Can you drink visine
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Does visine make you go blind?

It all my years of using visine, I have never had a problem with it.

What happens if you use visine while your contacts are in?

you have to buy visine that says for contacts on the box

How much is visine?

Visine cost are usually between 2.50 to 7.99 for the largest bottle.

Does visine make aquariums clear?

NO!!!! Do NOT put Visine in your aquarium!!! Just DON'T, OK???

What is Visine in spanish?

Visine is a brand name so it's the same in any language.

What happens if you drink visine eye drops?

You read the instructions on the box and call poison control. Their USA number is 1-800-222-1222.

Does ingesting visine cause questionable behavior?

Personally, I would say that ingesting Visine constitutesquestionable behavior.(Don't trick someone into ingesting Visine. It's not harmless, and could result in a coma or even death.)

Who does the commercial for Visine?

Ben Stein

What happens if you drink some visine?

do not do this. My son slept over a friends house and didn't have solution so he put them in visine. The next morning he tried to put them back in but couldn't. They burned so bad he threw them away and suffered from burning pain day. His eyes didn't stop burning and swelled up. DO NOT USE VISINE WITH YOUR CONTACTS.

Can you use visine when you have contacts?

The Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc, who manufacture Visine, warn . . . do NOT use Visine while wearing contact lenses; however, you may use Visine while your contact lenses are out. Wait at least 15 minutes before putting in contact lenses after using Visine.

Do Visine test their products on animals?

yes, they do.

What are Visine eye drops used for?

According to the Visine official website, the Visine help relieve sore or red eyes. They are allergy eye drops, otherwise known as eye allergy relief.