Can you drink urine your wife?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: Can you drink urine your wife?
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Can you drink the saliva and urine of your wife?


Can we drink milk and urine of our wife for enjoyment?


Is it haramful drink my wife's pee?

No, it is not harmful to drink your wife's urine. Urine is the cleanest liquid in the world, so drinking it will bring you no harm no worries

Can a husband and wife drink each other urine?

ew no thats gross

Can husband drink the urine of own wife?

Yes if he wants to and the wife lets him. However in a survival situation, (such as a siege or lost in the desert or adrift in a lifeboat), a person will eat and drink anything at all no matter who it belongs to.

Can you drink women urine?

no itis not ok to drink womens urine it has bacteria and is different from mens urine

Can a human drink his own urine?

Yes, a person can drink his/her own urine.

Can you swallow female urine?

Yes you can. Urine is sterile. That is why if your stuck in the desert with nothing to drink it is recommended to drink your urine.

Can you drink my urine?

No! Are you freakin out of your mind?! Re: lol! Try rephrasing this question. You surely don't mean if I will drink your urine, you mean "Is it OK to drink urine?"

Is it harmful to drink your partners urine as part of a sexual encounter and does it matter how you drink or how frequently?

This is not true some native Americans drink their own urine. Its wast things your body didnt need, and mixed with water hinch why you are passing it are bodies are very intune with what we need and don't, you can drink your own urine its not going to taste good and not going to make you sick but it is possible

How many times can you drink your urine?

You can drink it all day every day urine is sterile ...

Does urine contain calories?

Don't drink urine.