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Q: Can you drink some alohol with labetalol?
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What side effects would you expect if you drink alcohol while taking Labetalol?

Most likely a reduction of its anti-hypertensive effect.

What is Labetalol used to treat?

Labetalol is a mixed alpha or beta adrenergic antagonist. In addition, in most cases, people are using Labetalol in order to treat high blood pressure.

Can Levofloxacin go well with alcohol?

Levofloxacin does not react with alcohol. But alohol does weaken your liver and can lead to a loger recovery time so alcohol should be avoided but it will not harm you if you drink a little.

Does labetalol cause inflammation in the mouth?

Labetalol can cause lesions that look similar to lichen planus. These lesions can be located in the mouth or elsewhere in the body.

What is the renin angiotension system do?

is labetalol in this catagory

What pain medication can you take with labetalol?

does lebetalol give you costipation

Can you take naproxen with labetalol?

Yes, you can take ibuprofen while on metoprolol.

What is the alohol content of Bud Light in Utah?

What's alcohol percent in bud light in Minnesota

I have an EON generic pill E on top 10 below what is it?

it is a labetalol generic for trandate 100mg papaw_2

Does vodka kill anything?

Yes. Consumption of a sufficiently large amount of ANY ALCOHOLIC DRINK can cause alohol poisoning and related problems in the short term, which can easily lead to hospitalisation, and the common problems of drinking to excess in the long term, notably the destruction of the brain.

Why do some dogs drink out of the toilet?

dogs drink out of the toilet because they need more to drink·

What does a bug drink?

That depends on the type of bug it is. Some drink blood, others tears, others sap and others water. Some do not drink at all.