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How am I going to know, find it yourself

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Q: Can you die if you paint your whole body?
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Can a human die if they paint their whole body?

There is a possibilty but many ppl haven't so it's most unlikely but u can if ur body doesn't get enough oxygen and air or whatever.

Can you die from getting a few specks of dry paint in your mouth?

No. If you got a whole can of paint in your mouth and you swallowed it, then potetially, yes you would get sick and die. But just a few flakes, no. :)

Is it possible to spray paint your buttocks?

ans2. This is usual if you are aiming for an whole body fake tan.

What James Bond movie spread the rumor that you would die if every inch of your body were covered in paint particularly gold paint?

gold finger I believe

Do auto body shops also do paint jobs?

Yes outo body shops also do paint jobs. A paint job has to be done after a body work. Body shops must therefore have equipment and experts for paint job.

What happens if a person does not have enough carbon in their body?

your heart can not pump blood so the whole body shuts down

Is it OK to use acrylic paint on your body?

yes there is if you mix acrylic and body paint

What is the average price range for chocolate body paint?

The average price range for chocolate body paint is about $5 for a 100ml tube. Depending on the size of the body paint and the quality of the paint, prices can go up to $20

What should you paint your body with before rolling on canvas?


What did natives use cranberries for except for food?

Paint; body paint, normal paint, etc.

Automotive Paint and Body?

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What did paul signac die from?

He died from septicimia (sepsis), a condition in which the whole body becomes inflamed from an infection.