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Q: Can you die if you drank a large amount of Clorox bleach?
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How bleach is used to clean ink?

Bleach can be rubbed or dabbed on material it matters how much bleach is used, if large stain use large amount if small stain use small amount. Bleach is not just used to clean materials it is also used to clean pools and other objects. It is made from chlorine and ozone. It is not made from plant life material.

Will hydrogen peroxide damage a septic tank?

Probably Not unless a large amount was put in. The tank uses bacteria to digest the solid waste and it would take a large amount to sterilize the tank. Also with clorine bleach it is best not to use large amounts.

What are the side effects of drinking Clorox bleach?

Bleach commonly called sodium hypochlorite when ingested in small amount are usually benign. Ingestions of low concentration needs vigilant observation for any signs of deterioration is of utmost importance. Signs of mental status deterioration, episode of vomiting, respiratory problem (i.e. difficulty breathing) needs emergency room treatment and in-patient hospitalization. Poison control recommends close observations for signs of vomiting, p.o. fluids can be given in small amounts for minor cases. The amount of ingestion and time varies, moderate amount when ingested may necessitate hospitalization for blood work-up and close observation. For patients with mental status change, radiographic evalution including arterial blood gas is needed. Watch for signs of possible bilateral pneumothorax, hypotension, and metabolic acidosis in severe cases. Incidence of cardiac arrest have occured in the past. Again, systemic toxic effect such as pneumonitis is possible even with small amount of ingestion. Recommendation is to get check in the emergency room, or follow up with your primary medical doctor. Also call the poison control hotline at 1 (800) 222-1222 for more information.

How much Clorox in a hot tub?

When it comes to how much Clorox you should put in a pool, this depends on how big your pool is. If it's a large pool, you may put as much as half of a cup, or more.

Can Clorox turn urine red?

Chlorox is sodium hydrochlorite solution. Sodium hydrochloride is an oxidizing agent that can chemically change compounds. Such change could rendered some colorless compounds red. Bleach should not be mixed with urine, particularly in large amounts since it can produce hazardous gases.

Will Clorox kill whipworm in yard?

It may kill a whipworm that it is directly applied to, but it will not be effective on a large scale.

What do you do to make your jeans look faded?

You can rub them on a concrete sidewalk or rub the area with a cheese grater to wear them down. If you want bleach stains, drip Clorox on the area and let it dry. After your done you wash them and voila! You save $50 on distressed jeans. wearing jeans is nit as much so smart,main adv is that it no need to be washed for a 2 weeks,thats the truth

Does japan has a amall amount or a large amount of good farmland?

large amount

Do mice like bleach?

Bleach can definitely kill mice if left in large enough quantities. The bleach has a better chance of killing mice if left in a closed up environment.

How to say large amount in spanish?

Large Amount = Gran Cantidad

Is it bad for you to eat soap?

yes, it is bad for you to eat soap, because there are various chemicals in the soap that can cause damage to the body if taken in a large proportion. Everything is good in prportion though, so if you only eat a little bit of soap once and never do it again, you're not going to die. It's actually probably healthier than swallowing a large amount of bleach, because bleach has more chemicals for example, and if taken in a large prportion it can be harmful, especially compared to a small amount of soap. Still, I would advise against it. It probably doesn't taste good.

How do you sanitize a vuvuzela?

I would guess you could get a large bucket with bleach, and then soak the vuvuzela in it.