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You can detect most types of radar itself,but you need other detectors for other systems.

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Q: Can you detect all types of radar with a radar detector?
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Does the Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C435 Laser/Radar Detector and Scrambler detect all radar?

Yes, the scrambler will detect all laser and lidar guns.

What metal can a metal detector detect?

A metal detector can detect all types of metal....depending on in what type of soil it is in.

Do police know if you are using a radar detector?

AnswerAll modern radar detectors use a local oscillator (LO). The local oscillator is part of the radar detector's superheterodyne circuitry which greatly boosts the radar detector's performance. Radio (actually microwave) emissions from a radar detector's local oscillator are readily detected by various types of radar detector detectors (RDDs) such as VG-2 and the Spectre. Spectre RDDs are in widespread use throughout the state of Virginia where radar detector usage is illegal. Although radar detectors at present are completely legal to use in all states except VA and Washington DC, the Texas DSP is known to use Spectres to nab unsuspecting motorists who use radar detectors. Several radar detector manufacturers have made strides during the past few years to greatly reduce the LO leakage from their products. This greatly reduces the range at which the Spectre RDD can detect these newer radar detector models. And, at present, there are three specific radar detector models which have virtually zero LO leakage. This makes these three radar detector models completely immune to detection by VG-2, by the Spectre, any other present technology, or any new technology which possibly could be developed during the next 5 years or so.

Does light behave primarily as a wave or as a particle when it interacts with a detector?

-- If the detector is designed to detect wave characteristics, then light exhibits all the characteristics and behavior of a wave when it encounters that detector. -- If the detector is designed to detect particle characteristics, then light exhibits all the characteristics and behavior of a particle when it encounters that detector.

In which states of the USA is the Cobra radar detector legal?

The Cobra radar detector is legal in all states of the USA, with the exception of Utah, Oklahoma, California, Nebraska and Colorado. Other states which do not prohibit radar detectors may have laws which restrict the attachment of objects to wing mirrors.

Do jammers work in all dirrections?

the 14 Band Radar Laser Detector with 360 and IntelliMute does.

What is the most sensitive radar detector?

According to, the Valentine is the most sensitive and most highly rated of all the radar detectors. It provides front and rear detection.

How accurate is the Escort Passport 8500 x50 radar detector?

The Escort Passport 8500 x50 Radar Detector is a very accurate device which holds very long range warning on all radar bands, such as X, K, and so on. It has a 360 degree laser protection also has customizing features for you to make it fit to your liking.

What is the function of meteoroid detector panel?

It has inbuilt sensors which detect all the meteorites approaching the given range.

Can you set a metal detector so it will only detect lead?

Metal detectors are designed to detect all metals. However, many modern detectors have the ability to discriminate out metals of your choosing. You are basically setting the detector to remain silent when passing over the metals you don't want.

What kind of guarantees are offered when I purchase a radar detector?

Aside from standard parts and manufacturing warranties, some companies guarantee payment of any speeding ticket received within one year after purchase of the radar detector. Not all companies, nor even all models from a company, carry this proviso, so be sure to read carefully before buying.

How to Buy a Radar Detector and Jammer?

A radar detector is a machine you can fit in your car which tells you whether your car is being monitored by the traffic controlling agencies for speeding. These are useful devices because if you know that your car is being monitored for speeding, you can slow down and avoid getting pulled over. However, not all states count radar detectors and jammers as legal devices, and hence you need to see your local laws on whether you can use them or not. Here are some points on how you can buy the right radar detector for your vehicle. ▪ There is a lot of variation in the price of radar detectors and jammers and hence your budget becomes important. Decide in advance how much you will be able to spend on them. The prices range from $50 to $400, and if you are looking for a custom installation, then you will be spending extra. ▪ Shop around. There are a lot of features available with radar detectors and jammers. You might not want half of them. This could mean a lot of reduction in the overall price. ▪ Now, let us speak about the basic features you would need. You want a wideband radar detector, because then it will be able to detect all frequencies that the traffic controllers use. Essentially, the unit must be able to pick up Ka bands including the K, laser and X bands of the spectrum. ▪ It is convenient if your radar detector can set profiles. If that happens, you won’t need to manually adjust it every time. ▪ Sound intensity is important too. A good radar detector must work at least at 110 dB. ▪ Also, it is great if you could adjust the alerting volume of your radar detector. That way you could silence it when you don’t want it to make a noise. The traffic department may test the device for you, if it is legal in your area. This is the best test you could have for your device.