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Life insurance is paid out upon your death. If you have whole life insurance (premium plus a savings component) perhaps there might be a time where no further premiums are required--it is paid up.

Best thing to do is to call the company and inquire as to what sort of policy you have.

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Q: Can you check with your policy number if your life insurance has matured?
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What is a matured endowment though insurance company?

A matured endowment is a life insurance policy where the current cash value has become equal to the face amount of the policy. The policy is mature. So, the insurance company issues the insured a check for the face amount (death benefit) even though the insured is still alive.

How do you find insurance policy number?

Check your Policy Document

How can you check the status of a transferred policy without the policy number?

You cannot. Policy number is mandatory for any formal transactions pertaining to an insurance policy. How would the insurance company know which policy you are referring to without the policy number? Talk to the insurance agent who helped you with the transfer. He should have a record of the transaction and the policy number as well.

Can you change the deductible and cap amounts on your health insurance policy without changing policy number?

Probably. Check with your specific insurance company.

How can you check your insurance policy at Nippon insurance?

call them and ask them to fax your insurance policy.

How do you trace a policy number for royal London mutual insurance society?

You can contact Royal London Mutual Insurance Society's customer service and provide them with your personal details to trace your policy number. Alternatively, check any policy documentation or correspondence from Royal London Mutual Insurance Society as it usually contains the policy number.

How can you check your Life Insurance Corporation policy status?

how can we check the policy status

How do you find out if you are the benificiary to a life insurance policy?

Ask the insured if still alive, or check the policy. You can also call the insurance company and ask customer service if you are the beneficiary. You would need the policy number.

How do you check the status of life insurance company of Georgia policy?

Just call the company and ask them.

How do you check the status of old policy?

To check the status of an old policy, you can contact the insurance company directly either through their customer service phone number or online portal. Provide them with the policy details, such as the policy number and your personal information, and they should be able to provide you with the current status of the policy.

How can you check a life insurance policy with JCPenney Company?

i have a jcpenny life insurance policy #7L1514442. Would like any and all info on this policy

How do you heck the status of an old policy?

To check the status of an old policy, you can contact the insurance company that issued the policy and provide them with the policy number and any other relevant information. They should be able to provide you with information on whether the policy is still active or has been terminated.