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More than likely, you can't if somebody still wants to operate the vehicle. However, if one or more people are no longer operating the vehicle, the owner will need to contact the insurance company in order to get a new policy (and probably a lower rate).

The laws on auto insurance vary by state.

Most states require the owner of an automobile to carry certain minimums of insurance on each driver who operates the vehicle. Generally, if insurance is canceled, the owner must forfeit the license plates.

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Q: Can you cancel car insurance during a divorce?
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If you no longer drive a car and cancel your insurance will your recordrate get better or will it essentially stay the same due to not being insured during that period?

It is not going to make a difference if you cancel your insurance or not. If you drive a car, you must have car insurance.

If your car is stolen can you cancel your insurance?

I Think You Can Cancel Your insurance....idk That's Just My Guess..

Does car insurance payment continue during a suspension?

Yes it will continue unless you call and cancel the policy.

What do you do about your car insurance once your car is repossessed?

Cancel your policy.

Can you stop paying for car insurance during a divorce?

You can unless it is court ordered then you really should comply.

When a car is repossessed what do you do with the insurance?

When a car has been repossessed the person paying the insurance should cancel it.

Should you cancel the car insurance on a repossessed car in NJ?


Can you cancel your car insurance policy?

You sure can cancel your insurance policy BUT you might not want to. In our state insurance is required to drive a car or truck and you can be fined and lose you drivers license if your caught driving without insurance. I would question the wisdom of cancelling your insurance

I am traveling for 6 months out of country. Is there a car insurance plan for this?

If you are taking your car, you will have to contact your insurance agent. If you are not taking your car with you, you could cancel your insurance for the time you will be gone.

Should you cancel the car insurance on a repossessed car in Florida?

Yes of course you should!

Do car insurance companies have to give your car back or compensate if they cancel your policy?

Give your car back

What happens to your car insurance when you sell your car?

When you plan to sell your car you should notify your insurance company of the pending sale. It will provide you with instructions on how to transfer title properly, surrender the plates and cancel the insurance if you aren't transferring the coverage to a new car. Generally, the insurance company won't cancel the insurance until the plates are turned in or transferred to another vehicle through the RMV. That means the company will continue to bill you until the transaction is properly completed.If the insurance was paid for and the policy is cancelled during the coverage year the company will issue a refund based on their own calculations.