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Q: Can you brush your hair without it hurting?
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How old are children when they comb their hair?

It depends. Every child develops at a different rate. They obviously need to be old enough to control the brush/comb without hurting themselves.

How do you get straight hair without using a blowdryer or iron?

you an brush it 137 times and it will straighten your hair

How do you get a knot out of your hair without it hurting or cutting it out?

This has often happend to me, what you do is get your faveroite conditioner..then you put alot or condotioner in your hair (on the knot) rub the not in the middle of both nots DO NOT wash it out!wait about ten minutes and leave it then after that wash it and brush it's then was your hair with shampoo hope I could help yours sincerly , love sick

Doe Salon Perfect Hair Coloring Brush work with hair bleach?

The Salon Perfect Hair Coloring Brush can be used to easily and evenly apply your favorite hair dye or bleach to your hair without messy drips.

How do you keep wavy hair from frizzy without hurting your hair?

well I have wavy hair and I use TRESemme hairspray you can get at wal*mart and its doesn't hurt my hair

Why do people leave hair in the brush?

well when ppl brush their hair, hair falls out, leaving the hair in the brush

What is the purpose of a hair brush?

To brush your hair with.....

How do you get straight hair without straightening?

you can blow out your hair using a ceramic round brush. this will help distribute the heat properly, resulting in a better job. or, if you don't have frizzy hair, you can brush your hair while blow drying it.

How do you brush your American girl dolls hair without their proper hairbrush?

If I were you, I wouldn't use your own brush on the doll. The best brush for the doll would be the official American girl brush that you can buy through the store. It's your choice though on which brush you want to use. .... No! dont use ur own brush, it will totally mess up their hair.

What would life be like without a hair brush?

Horrible. Your hair would get knotted, sticky and unruly. Not nice.

How do you get a bracelet out of your hair?

pull it out of your hair cut your hair to get it out brush it an it will get on the brush

How the hair brush is used today?

To brush your hair?