Can you beat a DUI with a 18 bac?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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depends. if the drink was taken with in minutes of the breath test then you may have a chance. because the alcohol reading would not be accurate that quick after a drink. but if not then ... i don't think so..

Try using .. they know breathalyzer inaccuracies and help you fight the DUI charge. I used them and got the court to drop the bac reading because of the faulty police report.

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Q: Can you beat a DUI with a 18 bac?
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Can a minor get a DUI in NE?

yes.. a minor can get a DUI at .02 bac if your underage you can get a DUI at any bac.

Someone who has had a DUI conviction is not allowed to drive with what BAC?

.025 BAC

Is the BAC of DUI .08.?

Yes, 0.08 BAC is the legal limit in every state.

Can you get convicted in DUI if your bac is under 0.08 for first offense?

.08 is considered the legal limit for intoxication, so a DUI charge will not be applied. However, if you are over 21, any BAC over .02 can lead to a DUI charge.

At which BAC does it make it illegal to drive?

While most states have a presumptive BAC limit of .08, you can be arrested and convicted of DUI/DWI/DUII or driving while impaired regardless of your BAC level. In general all that is required is that the officer believe that your driving is impaired.

If you are operating a vehicle with a commercial license you are legally DUI with a BAC level of?


How high can a DUI be?

That will depend on the specific laws in the jurisdiction. In general, anything over .08 BAC is considered a DUI. There is no 'upper limit.'

You will be charged with DUI when your BAC is at least what?

Here in Michigan, your blood alcohol concentration would have to be 0.08% or above - in order to be charged with a DUI.

Is 0.178 DUI?

If that number you are referring to is the Blood-Alcohol Content then yes, that is a DUI offense. The current BAC limit for the USA is 0.08%.

DUI bac o5?

.05? in most states no. but you could get a wet and wreckless. that's just the same thing as a DUI. just not as harsh.

Can a person with a cdl get a dwi with a blood alcohol content of . 04 in a non commercial vehicle?

Someone with or without a CDL could get a DUI for even less. The law isn't that, "if your BAC is below this, you won't get tagged for DUI". The BAC limits are only the point where you MUST be cited for DUI - all an officer has to do is believe you to be impaired, and you can be cited (and arrested) for DUI.

Is o8 legal drunk and you might be arrested for DUI?

In most states you WILL be arrested for driving with a BAC of .08 or greater. You may be arrested with a lower BAC.