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Not that I'm aware of

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Q: Can you be shocked Disconnecting the Air Handler compacitor with breaker cut off?
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Can you get shocked from a broken light switch?

It is unlikely that you would get shocked from a broken light switch, since they are always made from non-conducting plastic. If you open it up and try to fix it, you might get shocked then. If you turn off the correct circuit breaker or fuse, you can avoid getting shocked when you work on your broken light switch - but if you don't know what you are doing, get a qualified electrician to do it for you. Electrocution is no joke.

Installed one outlet in basement on a breaker and you get shocked when you touch the metal of things plugged into it or the metal outlet box itself Why?

maybe you have the hot and the neutral switched...

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How do you put in a cord without getting shocked? Well if you dont want to get shocked put your fingur away from the shocked part.

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