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not something you really want to do will be a big mess easier to pull them up then put the new carpet down so you have some concrete or plywood to put the glue on will be hard work to pull the tiles up but your new carpet will stay down longer

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Q: Can you Replace new carpet over carpet tiles?
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How do your replace a medium size hole in carpet?

Buy a new carpet.

What is the best way to replace a kitchen floor?

This depends on the type of floor. If lino flooring it should be taken up and replaced, but tiles can be difficult to remove. Tiles can have screed over them and a new floor placed over the top.

If you have put a tiny stain in a carpet that is old do you have to pay the owner to buy a new carpet?

nope - you do not replace old carpet with new carpet at your cost. PERIOD

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does the grant replace old carpet?

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Is landlord required to replace carpet before new tenant if previous tenant lived there longer than 7 years?

No, there is no requirements to replace carpet, ever, as long as it doesn't pose a health issue.

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You will not get a good bond - the new tiles will fall off in short order