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Yes they can. White blood cells can attack certain body tissues either as an autoimmune response or if someone has an organ transplant. That is why they give immune suppressant drugs to people who have had a transplant.

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Q: Can white blood cells attack the body?
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What is the reaction of the body when you have a virus?

White blood cells attack it.

What do white blood cells attack in the body?

They attack germs and microorganisms they deem may be harmful to the body.

What infectious disease attacks the body's white blood cells?

AIDS attack white blood cells, but it isn't infectious. It is inherited.

What is available in white blood cells but not red?

White blood cells are a part of the immune system, they attack and destroy foreign entities in the body. White bloods cells have a nucleus, whereas red blood cells do not.

What cells attack germs or substances that enter your body and cause infections?

Your white blood cells have that job.

How many white blood cells are there and what are they?

About 25,200,000,000 white blood cells in an average human body. They are part of the immune system and will attack germs, viruses, etc. that are dangerous to the human body.

What is the function of white cells?

There are several types of white blood cells and their main function is the same: to attack and/or remove foreign material from our bloodstream.

What kind of organisms do red blood cells attack?

Red blood cells do not attack other organisms, it is the white blood cells that do this. All the red blood cells do is contain hemoglobin to transport oxygen round the body. They are themselves attacked by malaria parasite.

What is the purpose of white and red blood cells?

Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body, while white blood cells are part of the immune system and attack foreign organisms that enter the body, like bacteria.

One way white blood cells can protect the human body from pathogens?

they attack it

Which WBC is effective in defending the body against parsties?

A WBC is your white blood count of cells in your blood. When your WBC is high it is usually indicative of an infection or disease in the body. The white blood cells will attack the disease and bring health to the body.

Does plasma find germs and if no what does it do?

Plasma does not find germs. It transports red and white blood cells, platelets, and nutrients throughout the body. The white blood cells are the cells that attack bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.