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It can affect your health. If you don't get enough exercise a day, your body systems' will slowly shut down until your watching TV while your not alive. So my point is yes.

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Q: Can watching a bunch of TV affect your health?
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How does drama affect people?

When their watching tv their affecting their brain to act what their watching

Is it bad for the animals health?

I believe you question is incomplete. If you are asking "Watching tv, is it bad for the animal health?" the answer is YES. Watching tv for a long time could harm animal health. Thank You.

How does watching TV affect the time you finish your math?

cause when you watch tv you lose time

Does the amount of time a student spends watching tv affect his or her grades?

cuz its like that

Does watching tv effect memory?

Television watching could affect memory. There are studies being done, and plenty that have been done, that "prove" both sides of the argument on that one.

A sentence using moderate in a noun?

In the TV commercial I was watching a MODERATE was talking about a new health reform.

Does the radiation from tv affect childrens health?

The radiation from modern televisions is negligible.

What effect could watching TV all day have on your health?

It can kill your brain cells more than it can help them

How does watching television vs playing video games affect your blood pressure?

it does it by the games and t.v. gets in your brain

How can watching too much TV cause heart disease?

because watching TV contributes to a sedentary lifestyle, which is bad for overall health. Also, watching TV leads t o behavior like snacking...often on unhealthy or "junk" foods that are usually high in fats, salt, and calories.

What phobia is the fear of watching television?

There does not appear to be a scientific term to specifically describe a fear of watching television. If your fear begins to negatively affect the quality of your life, or your happiness, then please consult with a doctor to help you to address your fear.

What is a continuous verb?

The continuous tense has a verb phrase - be + present participle.Present contiuous = am/is/are + present I am watching TV. She is watching TV, They are watching TV.Past contiuous = was/were +present I was watching TV. She was watching TV. They were watching TV.