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Q: Can washing hands reduce chance of getting parasites?
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How can you reduce the chance of getting in a car accident?

Do the speed limit.

How do I remedy touching ground wires?

For getting proper earthing. And it will reduce the chance for getting electric shock

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Would ampliclox reduce the chance of getting pregnant

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The statement is correct; the less exposure time, the less chance of being infected.

Can eating healthily reduce the chance of diabetes?

I think eating healthily will reduce the chance of diabetes

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washing it

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Birth control pill is a general name for a group of medications that can greatly reduce the chances of a woman getting pregnant. There is still a chance of getting pregnant, but it is greatly reduced.

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That's hot, Why not, I would. ,,,,,,,,,,,, Really? just to give themself satisfaction. ,,,, Plus its A good way to reduce the chance of getting A disease,.

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Washing hands frequently and thoroughly