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Q: Can vinegar be used as a disinfectant in water?
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How do you clean kitchen faucets naturally?

White Vinegar Disinfectant and Cleanser You can use this vinegar to clean water taps. Vinegar can be used in many different ways. Stick it with a bag full of vinegar for less than 30 minutes, especially to clean the faucet heads, and it will clear life and bacteria out there.

Can vinegar be used as a disinfectant?

No....if vinegar was an acceptable "disinfectant" according the the EPA standards that a disinfectant is held to, then many more companies would sell it because it's cheap! It's true that vinegar does kill germs, but not well enough to call it an effective disinfectant.

What is the active ingredient of vinegar?

Acetic acid is the active ingredient found in vinegar. This compound can effectively kill bacteria and can be used as an inexpensive disinfectant.

What is used when killing mirobial in drinking water anticeptic or disinfectant?


Is ozone safe for water?

Yes ozone is safe. It is used as disinfectant.

Can vinegar and water half and half be used to clean non glare glass?

Yes, vinegar is very good for clean anything even clothing, it has disinfectant properties. Can be used to clean your glasses with success. The mixing would depend on what you are cleaning but for glasses use 1/4 cup to on gallon, you can reduce the amount for your needs.

What is the best temperature for hot water to be used as a disinfectant?

82 degrees Celsius

What is disinfectant made of?

A disinfectant is used to kill microorganisms. Some ingredients of disinfectants are: water, surfactants, fragrances. calcium hypochlorite, ethanol and benzalkonium chloride.

What chemical is used to disinfect swimming pool water?

The most widest used disinfectant is Chlorine

Why chlorinate the community's water?

Chlorine is a highly efficient disinfectant and is used to kill disease-causing bacteria in our water.

How can water disinfectant?

poopoo in it

What is vinegar solution?

Vinegar is a solution of acetic acid dissolved in water.