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who know´s but if I ever see one I'll let you know;)

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You are what you eat. This is very true for the vampire. They will acquire that traits of that which they consume. So if they feed off of sun-bathers, yes, they will acquire a tan.

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Q: Can vampires be tanned or are they always pale?
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What is the opposite of tanned?


Why are vampires pale?

Vampires pale because they are actually dead. When you die, your body feels freezing and, if you are white, you go pale. But if you are black you stay the color. Hope I helped :)

If vampires are meant to be icy pale how is laurent black in the film?

Because he was obviously black when he was turned into a Vampire. Only the white Vampires are pale.

What color skin do vampires have?

pale white skin Vampires retain what-ever skin colour they had when they were living. They may grow pale from anemia but this is a minor change not a defining one.

How do you know if your friends a vampire?

Based upon vampire literature and folklore, there are many different attributes related to vampires. Some of the following are the physical characteristics which would make then identifiable: - The colour of a vampire's skin can vary from: pale, white, tanned, lavender, red, furry, brown and green. - Vampires can have fangs, which can be retractable. Some vampires however do not have fangs. - Reflection is also one characteristic which applies to most vampire myths, although it does not always apply to all. - The presence of a shadow is also and characteristic. Some vampires have them, however some do not. For more information, please refer to the related links section below.

What is the difference in vampire and human?

difference between vampires and humans are that vampires dead and they drink blood. Plus vampires can fly and humans cant and vampires are very pale and mean .

Are all vampires pale white?

because black people suck

Are all vampires pale?

I would say yes. all the pictures of vampires I've seen have got pale skin as if they're gonna be sick! the sims, twilight etc. and..erm..that's it really.

How can Laurent be black in twilight they say vampires have pale icy white skin?

Vampires have a pallor, that means they are slightly anemic and have pale skin. You can still be black and have a pallor, it doesn't show as much of course but its is still there.

Why do you get tanned?

because tan skin is beautiful! pale skin isn't good looking

What are the traits of a elemental vampires?

Pale, red eyes, red lips, and very skinny

Is Megan Fox's skin pale?

Megan Fox is white. While there is speculation that she is, this has never been confirmed by Fox or her family members.